Amazing Facts About Tigers

Tiger is a beautiful animal and one of the most desirable in the world. There is nothing more pleased to see a pair of tiger cubs splash in a pool of water.


Below are some facts you should know about tigers.

Tigers are blind to the first week of life. About half of them do not survive this stage.

Tigers are largest species of all cats, but also the greater variation in size. The biggest subspecies of tiger is the Siberian tiger, with a mass of over 300k and 3.5 meters long.

Tigress are fertile for four to five days throughout the year. They are pregnant for three months and usually give birth to two or three cubs.

Tigers usually do not see humans as prey, but will attack if threatened.

Tigers can jump a distance of more than 6 meters, and jump up to 5 meters vertically. Their muscular legs are so powerful that it can stand even when it’s dead.

Tigers can mate with lions and other big cats in captivity to produce ligers. They are often called ligers; these ligers can grow bigger than tigers.

Bali tiger is a subspecies of a tiger; it was hunted to extinction in Bali. Javan tiger was also killed, but the number fell more like coffee, and rubber plantations take over their habitat. Caspian tiger has disappeared due to excessive hunting.

Tigers have the largest brain of all carnivorous (except polar bears). Tiger short-term memory lasts about thirty times more than human. They can remember many things and do not forget so quickly.

The roar of the tiger can be heard around 2 kilometres. Bon the contrary to popular perception, tigers do not roar when hunting other animals. Tigers usually roar to communicate with other tigers.

A group of tigers moving together is called an ambush, and it can also be called a streak.

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