Interesting Facts About Penguin You Should Know

Penguins are small unusual birds, with their feathers, tuxedo, and waddling walk which is why many people think that they are clumsy birds.


Let’s take a look at some interesting facts you should know about penguins.

Penguins are carnivores animals that capture all their food live in the sea. Depending on the type of penguin, they can eat a wide variety of marine animals, including fish, and other crustaceans

Penguins are social birds. They can use the same nesting for thousands of years, and the largest colonies can be counted in millions, but parents and chicks use their vast audience to follow each other in the crowd.

Penguins have lost the ability to fly for millions of years, but its powerful fins and streamlined bodies make them excellent swimmers. They are the fastest swimming and deepest diving bird in the whole world, and they can stay underwater for 20 minutes.

Penguins are found mostly in the southern hemisphere. Most people in the world associate themselves with the penguins of Antarctica.

Penguins with yellow eyes are considered as the rarest penguin species, with only about 5,000 birds in the wild. Yellow-eyed penguin can only be found on the south-east coast of New Zealand and smaller neighbouring islands.

Emperor Penguins are the largest species of penguin in the globe. Emperor Penguins are known as one of the two species that live in the cold climate of Antarctica. Penguin Emperor has an average adult height of about 1.1 meters or 3 feet 9 inches and an average weight of 30 kg or 75 pounds or more.

Penguins do not wear tuxedos to make a fashion. It helps them while swimming. This also helps them to avoid predators such as leopard and all other dangerous predators.

Each January 20 of every year is called penguin awareness day and also April 25 of each year is called world penguin day.

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