Interesting Facts About The Golden Eagle (Aquila Chrysaetos)

The golden eagle also known as Aquila chrysaetos and it is the awful associate sight for folks lucky enough to observe one star. Though not as directly recognizable as its bald cousin-german, the Aquila chrysaetos is equally glorious. The Aquila chrysaetos has the lovely feather, imperial bearing and excellent flying and searching superior skill.


Let’s take a close look at some interesting facts about Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos):

Vital Statistics

The Aquila chrysaetos is North America’s largest bird prey. It can grow to a length of three feet, with a distance of half dozen to seven feet. Its feather is dark brown with flecks of gold colouring around the head and neck. The Aquila chrysaetos has brown eyes, a yellow beak and talons that grow to three inches. Golden eagles’ legs are feathered all the way down to their talons. They usually live between fifteen to twenty years.


The Aquila chrysaetos is found in mountainous areas, ravine lands, riverside cliffs and bluffs and anyplace the rugged piece of ground creates frequent updrafts. They usually avoid developed areas and enormous stretches of forest.


Like all raptors, golden eagles are carnivores and formidable hunters. However, they usually feed on rodents, rabbits, reptiles, birds, fish.

Mating and Nesting

Golden eagles typically mate after they are four years. They stick with an equivalent mate for years and sometimes forever. They build their nests on high cliffs, tall trees, wherever predators can’t get to the eggs or eaglets.


Golden eagles are a protected species within U.S. The U.S. Fish and life Service will fine you up to $10,000 if you possess an Aquila chrysaetos feather or part. In an endeavour to any defend these lovely and majestic birds, some utility corporations are modifying their power poles to scale back bird electrocutions.

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