How To Prevent Laptop Overheating

Overheating is a common problem facing all laptops and desktops. In particular, compact design and poor ventilation are considered as the main reason for this. Overheating is a far-reaching issue that needs special attention once it is noticed. However, you can avoid overheating of any laptop or desktop computer if only you know the main causes.

best-laptopSo today, you should consider some ways to prevent overheating of laptops and desktops computer using our small but mighty tips:

We all know that laptops are smaller than desktop computers, so there is much less space for cooling. The cooling fans are usually in the lower middle region of the laptop, which makes heat be blown out at the bottom of the computer by the cooling fan.

Dust and dirt can block the ventilation of a computer or laptop. This is something to consider if you are working in the field that can get dusty air flow or very little or something similar. The most common cause of air overheating is blocked air vent. These are small areas of the grid that is usually located at the bottom and the side of your laptop.

All laptop uses at least one fan that cools the processor and other critical internal components. Most laptops use fans that work on the workload of the processor. So, if the processor has to work, the fans will run faster and always try to keep clearing heat away. You will be able to hear the buzz created by the fan who suddenly change the tone corresponding to heavy CPU load.

Flat, hard surface is very favourable for ventilation. Do not keep your computer on a soft surface to avoid overheating. On hard surfaces, hot-air becomes easy to get way as a result of this keeping the laptop or desktop cool.

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