Tips To Make Your Computer Run Faster

Slow computers directly lead to slower productivity. Sometimes you want to perform different tasks, and the computer slows down, and this is annoying. Below I will share some vital information that you need to do to speed up your computer.

A computer that has accumulated a large number of malicious programs often act much more slowly than they should. In fact, these programs are always running in the background, taking the capacity of the processor and slower the computer.

To remove malware from your computer, you need anti-virus programs. These programs are easily available on the Internet. It is recommended that you do your research before you decide to use a particular program.


Perform A Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a fairly simple task but often overlooked. When using a computer, there is often redundant and temporary files backup. Cleaning and removing all these data improves your computer performance.

Disable Startup Programs

Programs that are configured to start when the computer is loaded or started can significantly increase the time needed to boot your computer, and causing a large number of processes (software) running in the background. If you do not need a program to start automatically on your laptop, then you have to turn it off.

To do this, hit the Start key then Run and type “MSConfig” without the quotes. Alternatively, Hit the Windows + R key. You will get a window configuration system that will give you the ability to enable or disable any program

Increase Your Computer RAM

Increasing the RAM of your computer is a simple solution for slower computers, but it is very effective. If you use many programs, more RAM will be needed for your laptop or computer. Modern laptops have a RAM of 4GB, which is enough for almost everybody. However, there are also 8 GB RAM laptops.

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