Top Tourist Attractions In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands, but also the most populated. It is also the capital of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is one of the main tourist attractions in Europe and is a cosmopolitan city that is comfortable, charming and compact. The compact nature of the city is easy to explore by boat, bicycle or on foot. The city is blessed with colourful markets, museums to ensure that there is something unique.

Let’s Take Some Minutes And Take A Look At Some Of The Top Tourist Attractions In Amsterdam, Netherlands.



Rijksmuseum is the national museum of Netherlands. It is the largest museum in the Netherlands, and some of the most famous art from Dutch golden period are kept there.



The central city park is called Vondelpark, and it is one of the few places in Amsterdam with vast green areas of land. Vondelpark is located in Oud-Zuid or the old South of Amsterdam. The Park got its present name from the statue of Joost van den Vondel which was placed in the park in 1867.

Ferry Across The River IJ

river IJ

Amsterdam-Noord is an extremely calm city which provides accessibility to leafy suburbs which are great to keep away from the busier regions of the city and even a pleasant place for a quiet stroll. River IJ is a lake, formerly bays, in the Dutch province of Noord-Holland. It is known as the coast of Amsterdam. The ferry trip across the river takes about 12 minutes.

Canal Ring

Canal Ring

The famous canals were built in the 17th century to control the flow of the river Amstel and closes to add acres of land in the city. It is based on three channels, with a collection of smaller canals. You can take a stroll along the canals or book a boat trip.

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